Event IT Management

Managing Devices, Internet Services, Wi-Fi, and Security Surveillance for Events

Event IT Management

Let Unite IT take the stress away from managing devices, internet services, Wi-Fi, and security surveillance for your next event. We offer multiple service and hardware offerings for both indoor and outdoor events providing connectivity, security, managed solutions, and peace of mind knowing your technical needs will be met.

Device Management

Unite can manage just about any device required such as desktops, servers, laptops, tablets, printers, IoT devices, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, and more.

Temporary Internet Service

Struggling to find the right person in-charge at your next venue to assure you have a reliable internet connection? Unite will work with the on-prem team to ensure connectivity is available, the required bandwidth is provided, and service delivered exactly where you need it.

Managed Wi-Fi

Does your next event require that you provide your own Wi-Fi, or perhaps the event is located outdoors with little to no connectivity available? With our fully managed and installed temporary Wi-Fi, Unite IT can provide the right amount of coverage based on the projected user count and area range required.

Security Surveillance

Whether your event requires surveillance for security purposes or simply to have eyes on the floor. Unite can provide and install a temporary system for the duration of your event, allowing visual access to authorized event staff.

Utilize Google’s fully functional cloud-based collaboration platform. Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Meet, and the administrative and security platforms to manage these tools and their users.

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