“We were dead in the water. It was looking like we would be shutting our doors for good.”

LA Packaging and Logistics Inc. lost 30 years of customer data in about 30 seconds, when a member of their accounting team opened the wrong email.

What looked like a legitimate email from the president of the company instead was an open door that allowed an outside threat to access and then encrypt client files including invoices, the ERP database, and historic purchase orders.

Each hour spent without fulfilling orders, resulted in tens of thousands of dollars lost in current orders as cancellations piled up, and untold quantities of future orders that came from the reputation damage.

Does your organization have a business continuity or disaster recovery (BCDR) plan?

How robust are your data storage and backup solutions?

How long is an acceptable time for your organization to be “Dead in the water”?

What would you do if your systems went down in the middle of production, shutting down critical equipment?

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Managing Your Risk and Liability

Limit your IT liabilities by partnering with subject matter experts focused on cyber security. Large scale data loss, ransomware encryption, or other long-term outages are a persistent risk and can result in not only losses due to interruption of production, but “door closing” financial losses to the firm overall.

Ferret Out Your Weakest Links

We do more than just evaluate internal systems, we work to help the real weakest links – the end users! Our “Secret Shopper” approach to assessing your weaknesses can help you identify which of your employees may be placing you at significant risk with their IT related habits, giving you an opportunity for education before disaster strikes.

Managing Your "IT-Debt"

As your IT department, our priority is identifying the most critical systems and prioritizing their long-term support, including systems that may have not received the attention they deserve. We work to manage this acquired “IT Debt” in steps, serving as your project managers every step of the way, from acquisition and deployment to training and aftercare. We make the process budget-able for you, and manageable for us, even if an IT budget didn’t exist before.

Emergency Response Plan

We can help you develop an emergency response plan including comprehensive, regularly tested, backup solutions designed with the needs of your clients at the forefront. Fast recovery, minimized data loss, and peace of mind.

Your Virtual IT Department

The cost of adding a single in-house IT professional can be significant. Minimize your HR expenses related to internal IT. Ransom IT is fully staffed with Help Desk Technicians, Project Managers, System Administrators, and Virtual CIO’s, to address your organizations specific needs, 24/7.

Streamlining Processes to Increase Revenue

Firms often face hurdles regarding increasing their revenue without increasing product prices. Our goal is to help you leverage technology to streamline your internal processes, and reduce your expenses by operating more efficiently and effectively.

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