Why You Need Screen Protectors On Your Computer’s Monitor

April 29, 2021
Unite IT

When it comes to your privacy, solid encryption technology in combination with strong passwords goes a really long way. However, these things cannot really stop a person from looking over your shoulder at your screen or even snapping a photo of whatever you might be working on. This is referred to as visual hacking and it is a very serious threat that companies should not be ignoring.

The good news is, there is an easy way to fix this. A simple privacy filter that goes over the display of a laptop can restrict the angle of viewing so that only a person that is sitting right in front of the screen will be able to see what is on it. Anyone that is trying to look at the screen from the top of the side will just see a plain black screen.

How Screen Protectors Work

A privacy filter is actually very low-tech as these consist of a simple polarized plastic sheet. The polarization is an optical filter that will block light from different angles. This technology is found in camera lenses and sunglasses.

Why You Need a Screen Protector

Depending on your work habits, the need for a screen protector will vary. Those who use their computers in a public place are at a higher risk for visual hacking. People who work closely with customers or clients also are at risk for visual hacking.

It only takes a moment for someone to see the information that they should not be seeing on a computer screen. This information can then be used for illegal or malicious intent. Smartphones that have a high-quality camera are everywhere and can easily be used to get a quick photo of confidential information. Adding a screen protector is a very simple and effective way to prevent this type of visual hacking of information.

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