How Do I Know If My Email Account has been Hacked?

April 29, 2021
Unite IT

Hackers target email addresses to steal information and even extort money from users. You must be informed of the different signs of a hacked email and what to do about it. Your email address serves as your identification when you sign up for something online. It also holds personal information about your life in general. So, learn how to safeguard it!

Here are typical signs that your email may have been hacked:

  • Changed password
  • Password reset unexpected emails
  • Complaints from contacts
  • Unusual IP addresses, device, and browser
  • Strange emails on your sent folders.

You can assume that your email has been hacked if some of these signs are present. The best thing to do is… change your password and add two-factor authentication to your email account. If you notice suspicious activity on your email account, change your password immediately. If you have lost access, try the recovery process. If nothing works, call customer service.

Now is the time to turn on the two-factor authentication. It is the best way to prevent future attacks on your email account. To prevent hacking, secure your email accounts by applying strong password protection and other account authentication.

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