4 Tips To Make A Hard To Predict Website Password

April 29, 2021
Unite IT

One of the most common ways hackers break through your online accounts is by guessing your passwords. So, if you’re using a simple and commonly used password, there is a fat chance that your account can be hacked easily.

Here are four tips to make a memorable but hard to predict website password:

  • Use 12 characters minimum. Use passwords with 12 to 14 character length. A longer password is better and more secure.
  • Don’t rely on obvious substitution. For example, do not use the word “Volkswagen” as your password if you’re going to replace o with 0 to make it stronger. That’s too obvious. Any hacker can easily guess it.
  • Combine numbers, letters, lower-case letters, and symbols. Combine different characters so that your passwords are harder to crack.
  • Do not use common words as your password. Use random words. Stay away from obvious dictionary words.

With all of the tips above, I am pretty sure you can create a strong password that is so hard to crack. Think of unique phrases or sentences that you can use as a password – in that way; you can come up with a memorable password.

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