3 Incredibly Simple Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

April 5, 2023
Unite IT

Is it easy to break your phone? Why, yes. Yes, it is. So easy in fact, that there are stats on where and how this is most likely to occur. But what’s even easier than breaking your phone, is losing your phone. And yes, there are stats on that, too.

And while this is all great news to phone manufacturers everywhere, it’s not such great news for the consumers who are left to fork over hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year to buy new phones to replace their broken, stolen, or misplaced ones. So here’s what we suggest.

Buy a phone case.

While phones are nice and shiny, they’re also delicate and breakable. It’s much better to cover up that nice, hiny exterior than to keep it vulnerable to a grave demise. Consider something thick and tough like an OtterBox. These cases are more on the expensive side (starting off at $20), but they’re well worth the price. After all, you are protecting something that cost you anywhere from $400-$800.

Get a screen protector.

Sure, run-of-the-mill screen protectors are good for preventing surface level scratches. But when it comes to cracks, dings, and dents that actually affect the interior of your phone, those protectors won’t do any protecting. This is why you need a legitimate glass screen protector, like the one from Zagg. For about $40, Zagg’s glass screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty and will protect your phone from most everything that comes its way.

Use a phone-finding app.

When you lose your phone, you lose more than just the device; you lose the contents inside it, too. And these days, that content might be really hard to get back. It’s much more difficult to cut your losses and move on than it was in the past. But thankfully, there’s an app for that. There are several phone-finding apps available, like Lookout, that can provide you with step-by-step directions to your lost phone. Some of these apps even give you the ability to turn on its external features, like the camera.

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